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About Sylmar Dogwear

A number of years ago I purchased a couple of dog vests (chest & body protectors) from a large outdoor catalog company. They were great vests that lasted several years of tough hunting. When I finally ordered replacements for these vests I was disappointed in the quality of the new vests. The new vests were manufactured in Asia and they were not at all the quality of what I had received earlier. After a bit of research I finally found that Sylmar Dogwear of Seattle was the manufacturer of the original vests. I contacted Syl Caditz the owner of Sylmar and struck up a friendship over the last couple of years. This year when I learned that Syl was going to retire I knew it was time to go to Seattle and visit with Syl. I am happy to report that Syl and I were able to work out an agreement for me to purchase his company. I will be keeping the name Sylmar Dogwear and it will be a fun and exciting challenge to maintain the level of innovation, and quality that Syl has always put into his product. We all wish Syl the very best in his retirement.

I am absolutely committed to following Syl's lead and producing a top quality product that will always be proudly made in the USA. Please let me know of any suggestions that you may have for us to build an even better product.

As I develop and update the Sylmar Dogwear website you will see lots of pictures of my Brittanies from over the years. Please send in some of your dog photos so we can get everyone represented. Also please forward the link to our website to all of your dog loving friends. We greatly appreciate your business and look forward to your input and suggestions.

Thank you!

Happy trails,
Jerry Popelka

Jerry & the Crew

Syl Caditz, creator of Sylmar Dogwear, was a sportsman, hiker, breeder, exhibitor and all around dog fancier for over thirty years. In time he came to realize the benefits of well-designed protection garments for dogs. Determined to find better products, he went on to design the dog garments that you see here.

Each product design is based on extensive field testing. Some garments have even endured the ultimate test - the renowned Iditarod dog sled race. Syl attended the Iditarod to oversee the use of the Safety Reflector Shield - designed to promote visibility and reduce overheating - which were worn by dogs on many of the sleds.

For over 10 years Sylmar Dogwear has been producing top quality products for dogs that are exceptionally useful and effective. Included are boots that keep your dogs paws (and house) clean and dry; top of the line body coverings that create visibility and protection; and specially designed veterinary garments which are effective preventative and post treatment protection. Often our products are unique and cannot be found anywhere else.

Syl and Jerry


With much sadness we want to inform everyone that Syl passed away in September 2011. I am happy that I had a chance to meet Syl. He was indeed a very special person and I am proud to be carrying on his tradition with Sylmar Dogwear.

Syl with Mick and Molly

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