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A few words from veterinarians and others who use Sylmar Products.

"Hi Jerry,
Been using your Vests for years, they are the best! This one is for my puppy Hopkins, he outgrew the Small I ordered earlier this season."

Basking Ridge, NJ

"Hi Jerry,
I hope that all is well with you! I just finished up a month of hunting in the midwest and wanted to share a comparison of your vest vs. a Cabela's vest. I purchased the Cabela's vest for one of my two dogs before I found your company. I picked up your vest for my other dog before my trip. We hunted nearly every day during that month. As you can see, your vest still looks new, while the Cabelas vest is quite a bit worse for the wear (and has a broken buckle which you can't see in the photo.) I'll be replacing the Cabela's vest with one of yours in the very near future!
Best Wishes,"

Ocean City, DE

When Parker, my Hungarian Vizsla was 6 month's old he got cut up on barb wire during a hunt. Seven stitches on his front leg led to a lot of research on protective vest's. After talking with you years ago I ordered the front body suit . Here is Parker at nine months with his first South Dakota Rooster.
Parker has hunted hard for six years on our club property as well as on trips to South Dakota and Iowa hunting the long tailed bird safely wearing your body armor. Too many times over these years I have been asked about Parker's vest after friends dogs have been cut up in the field. I keep telling them your vest is much cheaper and makes the hunt more enjoyable than a trip to the vet. Everyone whom has asked now owns a Sylmar.
So after hundreds of birds it is time for a new vest for Parker, again a front body vest.
Thank you for a great product."

Edison, NJ

"Rating: Excellent
Price Rating:Excellent
Shipping Options Rating:Excellent
Delivery Rating:Excellent
Ease of Purchase Rating:Excellent
Customer Service Rating:Excellent
FIVE STARS for Jerry and Sylmardogwear !!! Great products, fast delivery, great customer care, commitment to providing the best dogwear to keep your companion safe, visible and comfortable. And all for prices that are reasonable and affordable for the quality American made items they deliver. I am fortunate to have found them a year ago and used them now to update one of my pups vests to a bigger size. You can't go wrong with Jerry and his line of dog wear."

Scorro, MN

"Hi Jerry,
My husband Dave and I are so happy to have become acquainted with your company. Thor's leg has healed beautifully, and the leg tube was just perfect while he was on the mend. I've also shared your information with some neighbors who may be in touch for their own dogs' needs.

Boulder, CO

"Photos of your outstanding product. The best I have had in 20 years of using vests. Maggie an eleven year old on the left (yellow) and Molly a five year old on right (orange). Thanks for your fine product."

Joe S.
Middlebury, Indiana

"I have used this product only 4 days and the cut on Bailey's leg is already beginning to heal. I tried so many other bandages to keep her from irritating the wound; but nothing worked. She was always able to get the bandage off and keep the wound raw.
This product is amazing! I only wish I had found it earlier.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Our Bailey girl is on the mend, healthy and happy again!"

Mark R.

"Just wanted to say thanks for your great product. This past weekend I was hunting at a Military Base and my Setter ran into a ball of razor wire. If it were not for the Sylmar front body suit, he would for certain be dead. Thank you!"

Josh A.

"Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know that after just three weeks of our dog wearing the leg protection tube his lick granuloma has cleared up !! He has been wearing a buster collar for four months without success so I will thoroughly recommend to both my vet and consultant for other people with the same problem. Thanks again for arranging to ship to the UK. I am one happy customer."

Wendy B.

"I have used the Sylmar vest for 2 years on my shorthair at my hunt club guiding hunts. I like the vest so much that I offer it to my clients. When asked why use a vest, I say one trip to the vet will pay for 4 vests. My shorthair is 10 years old and will hunt thick brush harder then when he was 2 years old. I think Sylmar should call them body armour for dogs. A great product and even better service. Thank you."

Wayne S.
Smith's Pheasant Crest, Oxford, WI

"We use your catheter cover (leg tubes) routinely in both the I.C.U and intermediate care section of the hospital, and I love them. They protect the catheter site without being uncomfortable for the animal, which the E-collars decidedly are ... We truly do enjoy your products."

J. Veronica K.
Washington State University
Dept. of Vet. Sciences
Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

"The items that I have used have worked very well. I have found the products breathe very well and are a nice alternative to some of the wrapping techniques that I have used in the past. -- I wish your company continued success and appreciate your excellent products that make my job easier."

Robert E. N.
Cottage Lake Veterinary Hospital
Samamish Highlands Vet. Hosp.
Kalahonee Center Vet. Hosp.
Lakemont Valley Vet. Hosp.
Snoqualmie Ridge Vet. Hosp.

"I greatly appreciate your dogwear, particularly the Chest and Body Protector for our Golden Retriever, Lady Abigal (Abby)."

Lynn P., La Mars, IA

"I use your Body Guards' on both my dogs. This weekend they took a direct shot from a skunk but it saved my day."

Dean H., Ankeny, IA

"Thank you for sending the dog shoes so promptly. What a blessing to have shoes with built in gaiters!"

Tony O., Lake Oswego, OR

"After closely examining them I found they far exceeded my expectations and I felt this boot will eliminate foot injuries."

Jerome T., Lombard, IL

"Thank you for the excellent service. I will be sure to recommend your products to my hunting buddies."

Ray S.

"I purchased my Sylmar chest protector at least 10 years ago. I purchased it for my Brittany Spaniel. It is still in serviceable condition and I'm now turning it over to my newest Brittany. I can honestly say that it has saved my Brits from getting injuries and fewer burrs in their hair. I'll certainly buy more if I ever need one."

Steve G., Lincoln, NE

Sylmar gets a write-up in Ruffed Grouse!

Body Guard Dog Vest
by Chris Smith

Two Octobers ago, my father was grouse hunting with his eight-year old pointer when tragedy struck. She yelped coming back to him limping, and within two minutes she was gone. The cover was thick and when she dove over some brush she came down on a sharp stick puncturing herself in the front part of her body. I had only read about such things happening, but now I will never hunt upland birds without a dog vest, period.

The orange Body Guard Dog Vest is as nice a dog vest as I've seen and highly visible. I was concerned about my Labradors overheating, struggling with mobility, and catching every twig and sapling. But when I put the vest through its paces, I didn't witness overheating or a change in her gait or speed, and the sticks and brush simply glance off.

The entire vest is made of bright orange 500 denier cordura ripstop nylon. The chest and body plate are reinforced in black with a layer of 1000 denier cordura nylon. A neoprene lining is available and something that I would definitely consider if I had a pointing dog without a decent coat.

Jerry Popelka, the owner of Sylmar Dogwear, had his dogs swimming in these vests with no trouble at all. Though they are not a flotation vest and are intended for use in the uplands, it is possible for a dog to swim in them. Should mud, muck or skunk come in contact with your dog, these vests are hand washable.

While I'm completely confident this vest can protect my dog from the type of injury that my dad's dog had, I also don't worry anymore about the more common injuries like barbed-wire ripping her chest apart, or briars leaving her raw and reluctant to hunt the next day. Now, if I could occasionally hit a grouse, I'd be all set.

Sylmar Dogwear products are all made in the USA, very reasonably priced, and include such items as front and rear body suits, leg and foot protection, and more.

Gus wearing his Body Guard

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